We kindly ask that all patients respect our ‘One Problem Per Consultation Policy’. The main reason for this request is for clinical safety.

We know that taking time to attend a doctors appointment can sometimes be difficult and therefore patients may save up their problems to present to the doctor  in one consultation.

Presenting the GP with multiple problems in one appointment increases the risk that something important may be overlooked.  This is because 15 minutes does not allow the clinician time to explore all issues thoroughly.

Doctors cannot see huge numbers of patients with multiple problems and continue to practice safely and effectively. A stressed doctor will struggle to be a good and safe doctor.

We do consider that GP appointments are a limited resource and we kindly ask that our service is used with care and consideration.

Therefore please do not be offended if the doctor asks you to rebook for your other problems.

We are working in your best interests in order to keep you safe.